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How to make an origami snowflake

Make your own origami snowflake with our DIY

The winter is months away and you, your family and friends are longing for the fun and excitement of snow white ski holidays. How do you get inspired? Get creative with our DIY Origami Snowflake!

Origami is often associated with Japanese culture and paper folding. It is a most fascinating art form that uses transforms paper into truly beautiful artworks of craftsmanship. You can create simple structures such as snowflakes or complex pieces such as bonsai trees. Doing origami is a great way for taking time out, and using your creativity and logic. It is also an excellent activity to keep the kids distracted, especially when they keep asking when their next ski trip will be!

At Hokkaido Ski Club, we have been getting ourselves excited for the upcoming winter season with origami snowflake making. We have had so much fun doing it that we would like to share it with you in our video below. Bring your family and friends together, and get creative with this fun (and easy!) activity. Whether you are in the midst of planning your next winter holiday, or you are still at the dreaming stage, there is no better way to feel like you’re in the snowy mountains of Niseko and Hokkaido than creating your own snowflakes using origami.

For more tips and tricks on getting inspired for the winter, check out our online The Club Magazine or feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected]

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