Private Lessons or Group Lessons?

Private Lessons are more costly but you get the flexibility such as having a family ski lesson

Booking ski and snowboard lessons for your holiday can be an overwhelming experience. There are numerous options presented to you – Private Lessons; Group Lessons; Full Day; Half Day; 2 hours; Night Lessons. Just how do you decide? One of the most frequently asked question by guests is whether to book Private Lessons or a […]

Niseko 2017: An epic winter to remember

Guests enjoying our photography services in Rusutsu

Niseko 2017 in photographs Hokkaido Ski Club welcomed one of the best starts to the winter season ever seen. With record snowfalls across the northern Japanese island, including over 6 metres of snowfall in Niseko by the end of December, the team had plenty to get excited about.  We welcomed families visiting the snow for […]

Is it better to rent or buy equipment?

Is it better to rent your ski equipment on location, or are you better off buying your own gear? It is a tough question, and it really depends on several variables. Did you know that it can still be beneficial to rent gear, even if you have already purchased a ski or snowboard setup? Let […]

The way to ride powder is a powder board

Snowboarder with powder board in the Niseko Backcountry

‘A good craftsperson never blames their tools, but it sure helps when you don’t buy terrible ones.’ I remember when I first rode a proper powder board. It was in my 3rd season at Niseko. My mate Timmy had busted his ribs doing something silly and he suggested I take his board for a ride. […]