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The fastest way to enter Japan this winter

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Finally, entering Japan has become much easier again. However, there are certain things you can prepare before entering the country to make your ski trip as smooth as possible. We have briefly outlined below how to enter Japan from 11 November, 2022. 

Requirements for entering Japan

Be sure to understand the following points and prepare the required documents before heading to Japan for your ski trip:

Vaccination Certificates

  • Have either a negative test or a vaccination certificate showing you have received at least three vaccine doses (triple-vaccinated travellers are exempt from testing)
  • If  you have received three vaccine doses or more of a WHO-approved vaccine and have a vaccination certificate, the test is not required to enter Japan. This test exemption also applies to children travelling with the triple vaccinated parent or guardian. The vaccination certificate needs to include personal information and vaccination details in English or Japanese.
  • For unvaccinated travellers, the test needs to be done within 72 hours before departure at a medical Institution that is recognized by the Japanese authorities (be careful to check as only specific testing and sample collection methods are approved).
  • More information on border entry requirements can be found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website.
fast track entry procedure Japan
Have your QR code ready for scanning at the Quarantine, Immigration and Customs stations for faster entry into Japan

Fast Track Entry

  • We suggest using the Fast Track Entry to make the entering process into Japan faster and smoother. You can visit the Japan website to pre-register the coronavirus-related documents and data required by Immigration and Customs. 
  • After landing in Japan, show the QR codes found in your visit Japan web account to the quarantine office, immigration officer and customs officer for smoother and faster entry into the country.

Wearing masks in Japan

We have received many questions about wearing masks in Japan. Mask-wearing was never legally enforced in Japan. However, masks are still being used widely in indoor and outdoor situations. It is recommended to use masks inside on public transportation and in places that ask you to wear them, such as hotels. The Japanese people have always been accustomed to wearing masks when unwell. Even before the pandemic. Now, you can expect to see them wearing masks everywhere, particularly in winter. It not only prevents germs from spreading but also covers faces from the cold air.

Final Word

We are excited to welcome you back to snowy Hokkaido this season, and your safety is our priority. Our infection prevention measures have been in place during the past 2 seasons with zero positive cases amongst our staff and guests. For on-snow activities, we recommend wearing face covers to protect from cold and windy weather. Our instructors will not be wearing masks given the outdoor setting. However, they will for indoors settings as required by the ski resort vendors. 

There are many changes that have taken place during the pandemic seasons. Popular ski resorts such as Niseko United will have new surprises for visitors (read more in our previous article What’s New at Niseko Resort in Winter 2022/2023). However, one thing has not changed. Having an unforgettable ski holiday in Japan.

Have any questions regarding the above? Feel free to send us your enquiry to [email protected].

Picture of Miha Grilj

Miha Grilj

Miha is the Co-Founder and CEO of Hokkaido Ski Club. He loves teaching and sharing his knowledge and passion for skiing and nature.
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