Hokkaido Ski Club wants you to get the most out of your private lesson and powder guiding experiences. We therefore advise the following so that you can enjoy all the benefits each of our wintersports experiences have to offer.

  • Lessons can start from your accommodation with pick up service provided upon request. However, please note the lesson time will start from pick up at your accommodation (drop off is also available, please talk to our team for availability).
  • The lesson duration is inclusive of break and travel times unless stated otherwise. 
  • All participants need to be of the same or similar ability level.
  • It is strongly recommended that parents and children have separate lessons due to the significantly varied learning styles and pace of different age groups. However, we do offer Family Private Lessons. Please contact our team for more details.
  • Lessons for children 3 years&under will only be conducted in an environment of 1 instructor per child. Lesson durations of 2 hrs are optimal for this age group so we recommend no more than 3 hours for these lessons. 
  • If you wish to change the pre-arranged meeting location for your lesson, please advise us at least one hour in advance of your lesson starting time.
  • If you arrive late to your lesson 1 hr or more after the agreed starting time, and without informing the office, the lesson for the day will be cancelled (no refund available).
  • Organise all your gear the evening before your first lesson. We cannot extend the lesson time if you are unable to start at the requested time.
  • Wear protective equipment and ensure your equipment is in good condition. HSC are not liable for any damages caused to your equipment nor malfunctions of your equipment.
  • If you wish to book a specific instructor, let us know at the time of your booking and we will try our best to accommodate your request.
  • Tell us what you want to learn and your goals for the lesson when making your booking so we can find for you the perfect instructor from our team.
  • Resort lift passes and meals are not provided by Hokkaido Ski Club.
  • Our lessons are mainly conducted in Niseko United Ski Resort but we also travel to other ski resorts across Hokkaido. Please contact us for more information.

Alpine terrain outside of resort boundaries, known as the ‘backcountry’, is wildly beautiful. Yet its untamed nature is highly unpredictable, risky and dangerous.

The program for our powder guiding tours are therefore determined by our qualified Hokkaido Ski Club guides, who will ensure your safety and plan the day ahead for you according to their assessment against the following conditions:

  • Weather, snow and avalanche conditions
  • Status of the resort lifts and beyond patrolled areas (“Gates”, “out of resort areas”)
  • Your skill level
  • Your expectations

We ask that you respect the decisions of our guides – your safety is our no. 1 priority.

General Terms and Rules

  • We only run full day guiding tours (6 hours) as this gives you more time to spend in the backcountry and have the most fun.
  • Opening of the lifts and special powder areas are all subject to weather and snow conditions.
  • Our guiding tours will only be rescheduled if all resort lifts are closed.
  • Resort lift passes and meals are not provided by Hokkaido Ski Club.
  • Our guides take extreme care at all times but they cannot always predict the occurrence of avalanches or safety of the alpine terrain. The backcountry is a non-patrolled area, thus all activities undertaken are done so at one’s risk.
  • No liability will be held to Hokkaido Ski Club or its guides in the event of any accident, injury or death.
  • In the event of an accident, the client concerned will be responsible for all costs associated with the recovery.
  • All participants must have a valid travel or special snowsports insurance policy that covers any accident or injury while skiing or snowboarding in off piste and out of resort areas.
  • You must sign the “Activity Waiver” and “Release of Liability” form before participating in any of our powder guiding programs.
  • Respect the Alpine Responsibility Code and rules of the resort AT ALL TIMES.
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